Ross King talks to Alec Baldwin about voicing The Boss Baby in new Dreamworks animated film

Alec Baldwin (Jemal Countess/Getty Images for DGA)
Alec Baldwin (Jemal Countess/Getty Images for DGA)

WE all have to work for big babies from time to time – just ask staff in The White House.

Hollywood star Alec Baldwin decided to go one better with his latest film. He IS the big baby!

In the hilarious new Dreamworks animation, The Boss Baby, he voices a talking toddler.

Alec’s suave, husky tones are hilarious as the cute, cartoon tot says things like: “Get me a double espresso and see if there’s a place that does decent sushi around here.”

The star of Glengarry Glen Ross, Beetlejuice and 30 Rock sat down for a chat on Good Morning Britain and Lorraine and he was in great form, revealing how much he loved visiting the UK.

In the movie, Alec’s character gets a brother.

It must have brought back memories for the 30 Rock star given he’s part of the most famous acting fraternity.

“In the movie, Tim (Tobey Maguire) is threatened by his younger brothers – but I was never threatened by Daniel, William or Stephen as I was the king in my family!” Alec laughed.

“I was Tim and Boss Baby rolled into one! I got it all my way – my brothers were never any threat. My brothers played sport a lot, all day long.

“And my mother would come out and scream … I can’t tell you the words she screamed.

“They would stay out until dark.

“I played sports but not as much as them, I was reading books and watching films.

“But I didn’t have an envy of baby.

“All of us envied Stephen because he was the youngest, and because we all envied him my mother gave him a free pass.”

Alec is having a renaissance when it comes to being a dad – three of his four children were born in the last four years.

“What I love about these films is the tone is just right – nobody gets hurt,” said Alec. “It’s a little wicked but not too much.

“You do movies that your kids can see. “Children’s films and books are so valuable so I’m always so touched to be asked to do them.

“Sometimes I wonder if your own children are immune.

“My own children would see this and probably say, ‘Dad! Why are you making those stupid sounds?”

I’ve got some non-stupid sounds for you in the next couple of weeks.

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