Ross King: Engagement Suits new Royal star Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle (Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

YOU’D think it was only the British media who are working themselves into a tizzy about Meghan and Harry’s forthcoming nuptials.

Not a bit of it. If anything, out here it’s even more massive.

Meghan Markle has been well-liked since she landed a role in classy US TV drama Suits, and I wouldn’t expect that to change now she’s landed another, slightly bigger, role as a royal!

I know a member of the cast of the USA Network legal drama. They told me Meghan is really popular on the set of Suits, and she’ll be sorely missed now she’s going to be leaving.

They also said that she was handling everything brilliantly and had done from day one of the relationship with Prince Harry.

She is “a remarkable woman”, apparently – no wonder Harry fell for her.

In Suits, her fiancé is played by Patrick J Adams. He made a hilarious tweet after the news of the engagement broke.

“She said she was just going out to get some milk,” he opined. Very droll!

“Playing Meghan’s television partner for the better part of a decade uniquely qualifies me to say this: Your Royal Highness, you are a lucky man and I know your long life together will be joyful, productive and hilarious.

“Meghan, so happy for you, friend. Much love.”

Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane alongside Patrick J. Adams as Michael Ross — (Shane Mahood/USA Network)

How come when I got engaged my cameraman only texted to say, “Well done. Remember you owe me a tenner from last week.”

The American media is delighted about this, probably more so than when Wills and Kate announced their engagement.

Not only is there glamour by the bucketload – if buckets can be considered glamorous, that is – but all the American press corps I’ve spoken to are feeling included this time.

It’s one of their ain, as it were.

I first saw Meghan when she was holding a briefcase – but it wasn’t being carried by her character into a courtroom on Suits.

We had a version of Deal Or No Deal out here that was pretty glamorous.

It substituted briefcases for boxes, and these were opened by an attractive lady rather than a former IT worker from Woking, like in Noel Edmond’s UK version.

So Meghan was formerly carrying cases but as a Royal that’s not something she’ll need to worry about again!