Ross King: Clinton’s card shows I must have thrilled Bill

Ross, centre, with Bill Clinton and The President Is Missing co-author James Patterson

I’M used to getting envelopes from viewers and readers with spelling mistakes on them.

Well, they’ve always got “second-class male” written on them at least.

I actually got a genuine letter last week, and immediately thought fan mail had arrived.

It only took 30 years or so!

Isn’t it rare to get an actual genuine letter these days? Even the folk slagging me off don’t take the time to put a message in the post – it’s all Twitter and Facebook. Very disappointing.

This letter was on a typed envelope, and was marked from the President.

Luckily, it wasn’t the current occupant of the White House telling me to beat it from the USA.

It was from one of his predecessors, President Bill Clinton, and addressed to Ross King MBE!

The President sent me a lovely thank you letter following my recent TV interview with him.

Regular readers will remember I spoke to big Bill on the release of his recent book.

Bill might just have come across my column that week – possibly when he was reading The Sunday Post for his weekly Broons fix, no doubt! His letter has now taken pride of place on my wall, beside my O-level results and Partick Thistle poster.

I wonder if the thank you card I sent back to him will make it on to his wall? Perhaps not!

My producer always describes my gags as unstamped – mainly because no one gets them.

Speaking of envelopes being opened, can you believe awards season is hotting up already?

That’s right, the Oscars won’t be here for another six months or so but the studio campaigns are getting ready to kick off.

Ryan Gosling will be over the moon if he wins an Oscar.

Actor Ryan Gosling (Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)

Which is quite fitting, considering he’s almost a certainty to be nominated for playing real-life astronaut Neil Armstrong in the hotly-anticipated biopic First Man.

He revealed last week his preparations for the role went a bit too far when he tried to learn how to fly.

The instructor told him to take the plane and stall it…leading to a terrifying moment.

“I thought in that moment, ‘This is a terrible idea and there was a reason why Neil Armstrong was destined to be one of the greatest pilots and I’m not.’

Best stick to what you’re good at, Ryan!