Fringe Spotlight 2018: We chat to Dick and Dom ahead of their Edinburgh show

Go Go Dick and Dom. (Press Association)
Go Go Dick and Dom. (Press Association)

QUADRUPLE BAFTA winners Dick and Dom have entertained familes on TV for more than 20 years with shows like In Da Bungalow and Are You Smarter Than A 10 Year Old?

They’re now bringing their show Dick vs Dom to the Edinburgh Festival’s McEwan Hall from August 1 – 12.

I interviewed them separately to see how much they really know about each other.

Who’s the meanest with money?

Dick: He is. He’s sensible and I just spend it.

Dom: He is. He keeps a note on his phone of every penny people owe him.

Who’s first to admit they’re wrong?

Dick: We both were stubborn but we accommodate each other now.

Dom: I am. 100%. No arguments. He’s really stubborn.

Have you one word to describe the other?

Dick: Fidget. His brain works at 100 miles an hour.

Dom: Laidback. He calms me down.

The one thing he has that makes you jealous?

Dick: His talent as a magician. He can take people’s watches without them noticing. But he’s jealous of my hair.

Dom: His wardrobe. My clothes are falling to pieces. Also, he has great hair. Mine’s falling out.

Who’s more likely to gossip?

Dick: He is. Never tell Dom anything if you want it to stay secret.

Dom: I am. I never stop talking. It’s not malicious though.

What’s his most annoying habit?

Dick: He cuts his nails in weird places, like during meetings.

Dom: He blows his nose at the dinner table. Nowhere else.

Describe working with the other in three words.

Dick: Absolute crazy nonsense. Dom: Unpredictable. Hilarious. Friendship.

Name one time you thought “he’s really good”?

Dick: The very first time I saw him work I thought “I wish I was as good as he is.”

Dom: The other day when I saw him on TV. I’ve had acting training, but he’s self-taught and is effortless at comedy.

The last present you bought for him?

Dick: For his 40th I got him a framed copy of the plans of BBC Centre where we met and first worked.

Dom: This is embarrassing but I can’t remember. He’s very thoughtful and kind with presents.

You have 24 hours left to live. How do you spend it?

Dick: In Ibiza having a mad party. Just as my time’s up I’d shout “Bogies” one last time.

Dom: In Ibiza with my family having sangria and listening to chill out music. I’d shout “Bogies” at the end.