Prosecco flavour Pringles or glitter gravy? Ten weird novelty festive foods to try this year

Tea anyone?

WE all know that Christmas and novelty go together like Rudolph and Santa. 

What would Christmas be exactly without the naff jumper covered in snowflakes or that silly pair of reindeer antlers – and who could forget the epidemic of beard baubles?

This year however, love it or hate it, novelty merchandise has gone one step further, as food now succumbs to the latest in Christmas gimmicks.

We look at the strangest offerings to grace the festive food shelves this year:

Glitter gravy 

If you thought Christmas didn’t need any more sparkle, you thought wrong.

The team from Pop a Ball have created this decadent concoction, so even your food won’t escape the dazzle of Christmas glitter this year.


Mac and Pigs

Pigs in blankets – good. Mac and cheese – good. Together? A little weird but also rather tasty looking.

This offering from the Co-op’s Irresistible range launches on 14 December.

Christmas dinner pizza 

Sporting everything from stuffing to cranberry sauce, this limited edition creation from Asda leaves off Brussels sprouts, just in case that was a step too far.

Mint choc-chip stilton 

Not as gross as you may think, this creation from Ocado apparently tastes just like mint ice-cream.

They label it a “crowd pleasing dessert cheese.”


Marmite Brussels sprouts


While this concoction from Iceland may sound rather vile to both marmite and sprouts haters alike, the frozen food giants believe in this case, two wrongs could make a right.


Foot-long pig in blanket  

Either the stuff of foodie dreams or nightmares, this foot-long creation from Aldi is certainly set to wow anyone at the dinner table this Christmas.


Mulled Buckfast 


The gang at Buckfast have once again shared their festive take on the Scottish nation’s most renowned drink after whisky.

Drink with caution.

Prosecco flavour Pringles

Are they fizzy? Are they sweet? These prosecco and pink peppercorn flavour Pringles will certainly go with a bucks fizz on Christmas morning.


Brussels sprouts and pigs in blankets tea


Customers on social media have both battered and heralded these odd novelty flavours from Sainsbury’s, with one suggesting the pigs in blankets version must taste like “hot sausage in water.”

If nothing else, a good prank to play on family members asking for cups of tea over the holidays.


Christmas tree flavour crisps

Thankfully these crisps from Iceland don’t in fact taste like bark or pine cones as the packet picture may suggest, but more like a pleasant sea salt.