Pet of the Week: Could you give shy cat Kitty Minaj a brand new home?

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Kitty Minaj is looking for a place to call home.

Due to her past, she isn’t very trusting of people and after weeks of being in the care of the Scottish SPCA, she is still not keen on the team who work with her.

Most of her days are spent tucked up in her bed hiding away from people, preferring to do her own thing.

She is wary of fast hand movements and will hiss if she feels insecure.

Kitty Minaj will be looking for a new home where her owner will have plenty of time and patience to help build this girl’s confidence and hopefully she will flourish in a quiet home environment.

If you can give this girl a home, please contact the Scottish SPCA centre in Lanarkshire on 03000 999 999.