Our Scone Spy cafe critic is impressed by vegan eatery Mayze in Glasgow’s Finnieston

A vegan scone at Mayze, Glasgow (Andrew Cawley / DCT Media)
A vegan scone at Mayze, Glasgow (Andrew Cawley / DCT Media)

ONCE a fairly nondescript collection of streets, occupying a no-man’s-land between the vibrant west end and the city centre, Glasgow’s Finnieston neighbourhood is now a hot spot for trendy restaurants, bars and cafes.

In fact, it was even recently named “Hippest Place In Britain”.

But we all know there’s only one accolade that really matters, and that’s the Scone Spy seal of approval.

So when I was last on Argyle Street I popped into one of the new kids on the block, vegetarian and vegan eatery, Mayze, to make my own assessment.

Opened in July this year, the small café serves speciality coffees, home baking, sandwiches, egg dishes and soup, as well as daily specials proudly displayed on an ever-changing chalkboard.

I visited on a cold and dreich afternoon, so the warm, comforting menu was just what the doctor ordered.

(Andrew Cawley / DCT Media)

Sitting down with a friend in the simply decorated space, we ordered a couple of coffees to enjoy while we dithered over the dishes.

I like to take quite a while to decide what to eat when there are so many options tempting your tastebuds, not to mention the counter of cakes and sweet treats that kept diverting my attention.

Eventually, I settled on one of the daily specials, ordering an Arabic spiced lentil and chickpea hash topped with tofu eggs.

Yes, you read that correctly. Vegan specials have been popping up on so many café menus lately that I decided to see what all the fuss was about.

I think I would have preferred a traditional poached egg, but the faux scramble was a delightful addition to the fragrant, spicy hash.

However, it was my dining companion who found the real winner, opting for a toastie stuffed with goats’ cheese, caramelised onion chutney, walnuts and spinach.

(Andrew Cawley / DCT Media)

In between mouthfuls, she raved about the flavour combinations, and there was not a speck left on the plate when we got up to leave.

High praise, indeed.

Stuffed after such generous portions, we then decided to share a date and walnut scone.

Light, fluffy and slightly sweet, I was very surprised when I learned the scone was entirely free of animal produce – no eggs, no milk, no butter.

(Andrew Cawley / DCT Media)

I must say, I could get used to this vegan lifestyle if every meal tasted so good!

And it wasn’t just the food that made an impression at Mayze.

The staff were smiley, attentive and very friendly, making us feel welcome to sit and chat away, well after our dishes had been cleared.

Next time I’m in Glasgow I’ll certainly stop by this unassuming little spot again – and I’ll make sure I have plenty of room for their delicious dishes.