Alan Brazil: Not a job for Sir Alex, but SFA must act quickly on figurehead to protect young players

Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson

Wasn’t it great to see Sir Alex Ferguson looking back to his old self the other day?

The worry we all shared over his recent health scare is consigned to the past, and thank goodness for that.

What hasn’t been consigned to the past is the scandal of sexual abuse in Scottish football down through the years.

I had personal experience of this while with Celtic Boys Club, and after more years than I care to remember, the matter ended up in court.

So the SFA’s independent review into this blight on our game is to be welcomed, even if it’s years late.

One of the report’s recommendations is for the SFA to give serious consideration to appointing a prominent figure linked to the Scottish game to act as a figurehead for issues concerning the protection of young people.

Ten years or so ago, Sir Alex Ferguson would have been that man, someone respected throughout the football world, who has always had a healthy interest in the grassroots of the game.

He’s never been one to shirk a challenge. But at 76, and given his recent health issues, I don’t think he’s now the man to front the SFA’s campaign.

But the right person is out there and the SFA should not hang about finding him or her.

We can’t be having any more victims of vile predators. The issue has been swept under the carpet long enough.