Mesh implant report set to face legal challenge

Health secretary Shona Robison

HEALTH Secretary Shona Robison is facing a judicial review in the Court of Session over a “whitewash” report on the safety of mesh implants.

Lawyers for victims of the surgery are set to mount the legal challenge to establish if the dossier was “perverse or biased”.

They want Law Lords to question Ms Robison’s actions and her endorsement of a safety review condemned as a “cover up” of the dangers of the treatment for bladder ailments and pelvic organ prolapse.

The legal move comes amid claims that evidence and safety warnings were excluded from the report.

Patrick McGuire, of Thompsons Solicitors, said: “Trust has been broken and in light of very serious allegations, we will be looking to see whether certain tests can be met.”

Campaigners had hoped all mesh procedures, which have ruined the lives of hundreds of thousands of women, would no longer be used in Scotland.

European health chiefs are in the process of reclassifying all surgical mesh as “high risk” and, in the United States, mesh manufacturers have paid out £1.5 billion in compensation.

But while the Scottish report concluded mesh must not be offered “routinely” to women with pelvic organ prolapse, it “favours” a return to the use of mesh tape to treat bladder conditions.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Government said: “We have accepted the recommendations within the final independent report.

“As a result, a new oversight group will be established to ensure the conclusions are implemented.”