Meet Mr Darcy, our Pet of the Week!

Mr Darcy (Scottish SPCA)
Mr Darcy (Scottish SPCA)

Mr Darcy is a guinea pig who has arrived in Scottish SPCA care through no fault of his own and is now seeking a loving forever home.

He is used to being handled and has previously been used to living in an outdoor hutch.

The animal charity would require him to go to a home where he can be housed indoors until the winter is over.

Mr Darcy has previously had tiffs when living with another male guinea pig but could potentially go to a new home with a neutered female pending a successful introduction at the centre.

Mr Darcy (Scottish SPCA)

While he can be a little scatty upon being picked up, he soon settles and will happily sit on your lap and enjoys being the centre of attention.

He will even eat food out of your hand if the mood takes him.

This handsome chap would fit well as a new addition into most family homes.

If you think that you can offer the lovely Mr Darcy his forever home please contact the Angus, Fife and Tayside centre for more information on 03000 999 999.