Labour deputy Alex Rowley resigns amid whitewash claim

Alex Rowley (Fraser Bremner)
Alex Rowley (Fraser Bremner)

The ex-girlfriend of Scottish Labour’s deputy leader voiced anger after he resigned as the party dropped a harassment probe.

Alex Rowley had been suspended amid allegations, which he denied, he had sent abusive text messages to a former partner.

A Labour investigation into the claims was dropped as his ex refused to allow Mr Rowley to see the details of her claims, which included stalking allegations. Mr Rowley, 54, a Fife MSP, was readmitted to the party but resigned as deputy leader.

His 40-year-old ex said: “I did submit a complaint after the Scottish Labour Party invited me to do so. It was a lengthy statement which they said they would need to forward directly to him for response.

“I didn’t consent to that given the nature of the allegations. I did not want him to get that complaint directly. They got back in touch to say they had discarded the complaint because I refused to share it with him.If they have seen what was in that complaint and discarded it for that reason then hell mend them.”

It is understood Labour officials ruled they could not continue the investigation as Mr Rowley has not had an opportunity to reply to the allegations.

Mr Rowley said: “I am pleased the panel has discharged the case but I am disappointed they were unable fully to investigate – and I to have the opportunity to answer – the allegations.”