Ross King: James Corden had more than just desserts at Oscar party

James Corden (Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for WCRF)
James Corden (Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for WCRF)

WHAT better way to escape the Oscar madness of last Sunday with a wee holiday?

This week I’m in one of my most favourite places in the world – Aspen.

I grew up thinking having a ski meant eating a yoghurt, but now I’m a total convert. Who would have thought flying down a mountain at 50 miles an hour was a good way to relax?

After the scrum of working the Oscars red carpet live on Good Morning Britain and Lorraine – which was great fun – I headed to the Vanity Fair Oscars party where I bumped into my pal, James Corden.

He’s a late night talk show star in the US and looks great. Is that because he’s on a punishing Hollywood diet? Of course not.

“That’s the thing about this party, there is great food,” James told me.

“I haven’t eaten all day and I’m really just going to plough into this – because no one else eats.

“They’re all on cleanses, so you can just clear up what everybody’s left behind.

“And no one touches the desserts, I had three desserts last year. Best night of my life.”

Academy Award winners Rachel Shenton (R) and Chris Overton (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

I was so delighted for two new pals, Rachel Shenton and fiancé Chris Overton.

They’re now Oscar winners for The Silent Child, which won Best Short.

We had a group hug after they won!

“Two categories before ours you start feeling like is this really happening, this is awful,” said Rachel.

“And then as the names are called out , we heard, ‘The Silent Child’ and then thought, ‘Oh my God! That’s actually us!’

It certainly was. If you haven’t seen the film then check it out online – it’s wonderful.

Always great to catch up with the wonderful Dame Joan Collins and her husband, Percy.

With the Royal wedding coming up I wondered if she had any suggestions for prezzies.

She suggested a boxset of Meghan’s series Suits for Her Maj to devour.

Another one of my fav ladies here is Jane Seymour. She recently shed her clothes at 67 to become the oldest woman to pose for Playboy.

When Brianna saw me in my birthday suit she told me it needed ironing!

Best moment of Oscars night? It was catching up with Best Actor winner Gary Oldman. I asked what he was most looking forward to now.

“Getting my life back!” he answered.

I know what you mean, Gary!