Here comes the sun! Scots set to sizzle again with temperatures of up to 27C

(Getty Images)

SCOTLAND’S summer will return with a 10-day sizzle from next weekend.

Temperatures will push 27C – after ex-tropical Storm Debby’s washouts threatened flooding this weekend.

Debby’s soggy air arrived mixed up in an Atlantic front, while high spring tides are set to buffet coasts.

Gloomy 16-18C weekend highs for Scotland saw gusts near gale-force in the west and even winter’s first frost amid near-freezing lows in some areas yesterday morning.

But the Met Office insisted “summer isn’t finished”.

Government weathermen said, after showers in the coming days, warmer and drier conditions are due from next weekend, with heat lasting through the following week and potentially beyond.

Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna said: “This weekend isn’t good for holidays – but there are promising signs of a return to summery weather from next weekend onwards.

“The remnants of ex-Tropical Storm Debby were mixed up in low pressure bringing rain in the west yesterday and to all areas today.

“It stays unsettled tomorrow in the east, and a cold front brings rain for parts around Thursday.

“But from next weekend it looks increasingly settled.”