Fundraisers kayak from Glasgow to Edinburgh in renewable energy challenge

Clemence and Anna prepare for their challenge
Clemence and Anna prepare for their challenge

MOST people catch the train or head onto the M8 to get from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

But this weekend, two women are taking the paddling route along the Forth & Clyde and Union Canals to raise funds and awareness for renewable energy.

Clemence Cocquet, CEO and Founder of Scapa Fest, and ambassador Anna Neubert-Wood will kayak the 54 miles between the two cities.

Their aim is to fundraise to be able to power the 2019 yoga and adventure festival with 100% renewable energy.

The pair set off at 10am this morning, and aim to be in Edinburgh by Sunday.

The route

Clemence said: “Our goal is to replace diesel generators with solar, wind, hydro energy and biofuels.

“The issue is that in Scotland, it’s not as easy as picking a supplier and rolling with it because at the moment, there are no temporary renewable energy supplier for events in Scotland.

“Our plan is to create our own, cause a chain-reaction and pave the way for other events like this in Scotland.”

Carrying Clemence and Anna’s sleeping bags, tent and food, and recording the adventure with photos and videos is Scapa Fest volunteer Elena Lambreva.

Elena joins the adventure on her bike, cycling alongside the canals from Glasgow to Edinburgh.


Members of the public have been encouraged to show their support along the route as Clemence and Anna use the wind and elbow grease to power their reclaimed kayaks along the route.

Offering guidance and support in achieving Scapa’s goals is Resource Efficient Scotland.

Launched in 2013 and delivered by Zero Waste Scotland, they help organisations reduce costs by saving energy and water, reducing raw materials use and managing waste efficiently.

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