Fortitude star Richard Dormer says he’ll miss his demonic ‘best pal’

Richard Dormer in Fortitude (PA Photo / Sky UK)

FORTITUDE is back for a third and final series, and Richard Dormer is going to miss playing sinister sheriff Dan Anderssen at the centre of the crazy goings-on in a community in the Arctic Circle.

In fact, it’s impossible to ignore how emotional Richard feels when tears roll down the Northern Irish star’s cheeks as he discusses the Sky Atlantic sci-fi thriller.

“Some characters, some souls, you can relate to,” Richard says as he dabs at his eyes.

“Personally, in my life, I’ve been going through tough times and this guy is doing the same thing, he’s trying not to lose himself.

“It’s a reflection of where I am, and that journey of someone trying to hold on to the things he loves.”

But he also says filming the series has been cathartic.

“It’s therapy for me!” quips the actor, also known for his role as Beric Dondarrion in Game Of Thrones.

The new episodes will see the complex character struggling to hold on to any sense of good and evil.

“He’s evolved, he’s a new human being… or maybe not human,” offers Dormer.

“He’s a demon, he’s lost his morality, his humanity.

“But he’s stronger and wiser than ever, so that’s pretty scary.”

Richard Dormer in Fortitude (PA Photo / Sky UK)

The final instalment of the show,was shot in Svalbard, Norway. At times, the temperature dropped to minus 35C, minus 50C with wind chill.

“If you’re going out for a walk you’ve got to tell somebody, because if you slip and get knocked unconscious, you’re dead in 10, 15 minutes. So you have to be really careful.”

Fortitude is a job Dormer has clearly relished.

“I’m really going to miss it, as it’s like Dan’s my best friend,” he adds.

“He’s a monster but there’s a deep humanity in him and that’s what makes him interesting.”

Fortitude, Sky Atlantic and Now TV, Thurs, 9pm.