Donald MacLeod: Stop whingeing about Donald Trump… he’s no Putin and should be welcomed

President Donald Trump gestures as delivers his first State of the Union address (Win McNamee/Pool via AP)

IF you thought Donald Trump’s winning presidential campaign was bitter and acrimonious, then his first year in the Oval Office must have been a nightmare.

How depressed were you this week when he stood before Congress and delivered his First State of the Union address?

It must have been absolute torture, especially if you think the Union is in a real state!

I feel your pain, but not your sentiments.

Because if you have let yourself become so consumed with the wall-building, The Donald’s policies, his business acumen, family, tan, wee hands, hair, faith, morals and his tiresome tirade of tweets, then I suggest you’ve spent too much time absorbing his opponents’ fake news.

I say that it is you, not The Donald, who is in need of help and medication.

Especially all those on this side of the pond whose narrow-minded view of the world is as dangerous as anything the Donald has said.

It is also an insult to the democratic process and the millions of Americans who voted for him.

Fair enough, if you are an American, in particular a celeb Clinton Democrat, his victory must be truly galling.

It still is, if the hissing and booing from the Democrats during Trump’s State Of The Union address was anything go by.

If they don’t quickly realise the error of their ways, bar impeachment, assassination or death by natural causes, Trump will effortlessly serve out the remainder of his presidency, and be re-elected for a second term.

That is a dead cert, especially if the US economy continues to grow and unemployment keeps falling.

If Presidents Reagan, Clinton and Bush Jnr could do it, why not Trump?

In the UK, we have had the equally divisive Thatcher and Blair pulling that particular rabbit out of the hat, so anything is possible.

I’m no friend of Trump. He is comedy gold at times, a total buffoon at others, but there are far worse regimes.

I’d rather have Trump visit these shores than Putin, a Saudi King, a Turkish president or, God forbid, Kim Wrong-Un.

We shouldn’t forget Trump, nor should we insult him.

We should let him get on with his job, while we should get on the case of those in charge of the UK – the last I looked, they were making a complete pigs’ ear of it all, especially Brexit.

If you really want to stomp your feet, gnash your teeth, wave placards, tweet foul-mouthed tirades and rant till your lungs burst, then direct it at Westminster, not Washington.

You are just wasting your time and energy on someone that you cannot influence, and more importantly who isn’t an enemy of democracy or these isles.

After all, Trump loves this country – his family came from here – and he has actually invested in Scotland.