Dear Gum Place: Glasgow musician Findlay Napier releases love-letter album to the city with the perfect cover image

Findlay replicated the original shot, standing in the same spot 37 years on (Richard Crawford)

SINGER-songwriter Findlay Napier knew that, when it came to his new album cover, he had to find an image that defined a city.

His album Glasgow is love-letter to the city and he wanted a photograph that combined the grit and humour of the Dear Green Place.

He found it in a snap of kids blowing bubble gum in the shadow of towering tenements in 1980s Govan, which was taken on the corner of Luath Street and Howat Street in Govan, looking north to Taransay Street.

The album cover featuring the photo by Raymond Depardon/Magnum

Findlay said: “In the process of looking for inspiration, I stumbled across photos by French photographer Raymond Depardon.

“There is obvious social deprivation, but the bubble gum is this fun, playful touch that gives a nice balance between the dark and light side of life in the city.”

The album features Findlay’s songs and a few covers inspired by the city and its landmarks, including the Necropolis, the shipyards and the Blue Lagoon chip shop.

Findlay added: “It would be great to find out who the two boys are.

“Maybe that will be my next project.”