Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell host an incredible journey to the biggest family Christmas lunch… ever

Davina McColl and Nicky Campbell with guests at the Long Lost Family Christmas lunch (ITV)

IT’S the ultimate time of the year for relatives to gather together and now the programme that makes that happen has a festive special.

Since it began, Long Lost Family has reunited more than 200 relatives desperate to find that one person missing from their lives.

For the first time, Long Lost Family Christmas Reunion brings many of them together under one roof alongside presenters Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell.

“It’s been an incredible journey over the last eight years,” said Davina.

“It’s such a great chance to catch up and find out how everyone’s lives have changed and celebrate what Christmas means to everyone now.

“To see everyone together, and to know they were telling each other their stories, was just lovely.

“At the dinner, families sat with other families who had similar stories so they could talk about how it has been since they were reunited.

“For example, since we started we’ve found relatives in 18 countries across five continents but we always wonder how easy it is to build relationships when you live across the other side of the world.

“On one table we had three dads from South Africa, Canada and Barbados. It was lovely to get them together so they could share their stories of meeting their children.

“We also had two women who were searching for their birth mothers and, sadly, they had passed away. Both were united with siblings and they discussed what it was like to look for your mother and instead find your brothers and sisters.”

Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell

And Nicky says it was a heck of a bash.

“It was the biggest family Christmas lunch in the history of family Christmas lunches!

“We had a chance to chat again to some of the people who we have reunited and find out what it’s like to share this special time of year with their brand new family members.

“And, throughout the day we had carols sung to us by the Missing People choir, which was so moving.

“Whilst all our guests have been reunited with their loved ones, we felt it was important to remember that some people are still searching for their loved ones this Christmas.”

Long Lost Family Christmas Reunion ITV, Mon, 9pm