David Tennant admits his attic is full of Doctor Who souvenirs and memorabilia

David Tennant (Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

DAVID TENNANT has a “Tardis-sized” collection of souvenirs in his attic.

The Tenth Time Lord is still showered with memorabilia from the BBC show, he confessed.

The corporation is contractually bound to get his approval for any souvenirs that carry his image.

But the 47-year-old actor said he has got to put a halt to his hoarding for the sake of his four children.

The Scot – married to former co-star Georgia Moffett, who played Doctor Who’s daughter – said they were unimpressed.

David said in a US interview said: “That is weird, when you first get presented with the action figure version of yourself.

“It tickles a weird part of your ego – I don’t know how healthy it is, but it is great. I love being embodied in plastic.“

David, who has kept the Doctor’s sonic screw driver and some costumes, was considering a clear-out.

Speaking at Denver Comic Con, he said: “After a while you have to say, ‘I think I’m good. I’m done,’ because there is only so much you can keep.

“In the end I have to admit ‘who am I keeping it for?’ Just for my kids to throw away when I am dead?

“Because they don’t care. So I will keep a few little bits and pieces,”