Close friend of Charles Kennedy says she witnessed SNP’s Ian Blackford being aggressive and threatening during election campaign

Ian Blackford is now the SNP's Westminster leader (Allan Milligan)

A CLOSE friend of former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy says she witnessed SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford being aggressive and threatening during the 2015 General Election.

Mr Blackford has been under pressure after being accused of trying to re-write accounts of a bitter election campaign which led to Mr Kennedy’s defeat.

Mr Kennedy, who had struggled with alcoholism, died weeks later.

SNP activists had been accused of raising the MP’s health problems during the campaign but last week, Mr Blackford said he was proud of the campaign.

Charles Kennedy (Atlantic Productions/BBC)

But Lib Dem activist Candy Piercy, who witnessed a notorious incident in Mr Kennedy’s campaign office, said he shouldn’t be.

She claimed the SNP politician entered the office and was shouting, jabbed a finger at one of Mr Kennedy’s aides and threatened revenge over what he believed were personal attacks.

This week a former aide to Mr Kennedy released a report that he made to police in 2015 regarding Mr Blackford at the Lib Dem campaign offices in Fort William.

Police Scotland said that no crime was committed.

An SNP spokeswoman said: “Neither the campaign nor Ian Blackford made personal attacks.”