BitRent Conquers China


The strategic partnership with the Ant Blockchain Alliance.

This winter, the BitRent team ran a race to the finish line, holding blockchain conferences in different cities of China:

  • on Jan 2, in Longyan, they hosted a meeting with China’s blockchain leaders;
  • on January 5, the blockchain meeting in Zhangzhou;
  • on January 7, the blockchain conference in Quanzhou;
  • on January 27, the blockchain summit in Xiamen;
  • on January 28, the blockchain conference in Quanzhou;
  • on January 29, the blockchain summit in Longyan.

The result of such active and fruitful work was the signing of the agreement on long-term cooperation with the representatives of the China Blockchain Alliance. The agreement clearly states the goals for further cooperation regarding the promotion and development of the BitRent platform among the blockchain clubs in all the cities in China.

Description of the BitRent platform
We also want to give you a brief introduction to the description of the BitRent platform.
Our goal is to create a platform that will provide people around the world with the opportunity to participate in the equity financing of construction projects registered on the platform, using RNTB coins (the currency of the BitRent platform).

One of the major steps will be the launch of the MVP BitRent platform in April 2018. The MVP platform will be presented as a web interface that links all system components and allows participants to easily interact with the platform’s functionality.

In other words, the initial capital necessary to start the construction process can be obtained without sources of financing, while, at the same time, the investors who are making investments at the early stages can receive excess profit even from small investments.

Verified property developers and builders on the BitRent platform draw up and sign smart contracts that define the areas of responsibilities of each party, as well as the delivery time, fees and penalties.

When a project is added to the system, its creators upload all the project documentation that will be attached to the project node in the BitRent blockchain system. As soon as the project is uploaded, the BitRent platform analyzes the data received and checks the project for compliance with specific criteria. Then, the BitRent team verifies the following information about the project: the legitimacy, the budget, detailed information about the construction, and, only after the successful completion of this process, the project receives the final rating and is marked as “Verified”.

By analyzing the BIM model of the project, BitRent’s experts give a characterization of the building components and generate identification codes for RFID tags and barcodes that will subsequently be integrated into the building’s elements. Each tag/barcode is entered into a digital file for the completed work and is given appropriate statuses (1. In the system, 2. Attached, 3. Put into operation, 4. Approved for use).

The platform will be integrated with construction management tools that will record and register every action carried out within the process of construction of the project.

When an action is recorded, the platform launches a smart contract, and if this action leads to the completion of a construction stage, the BitRent platform allows the execution of a financial transaction in accordance with the terms of the smart contract.

In summarizing the abovementioned details, let us note the following: our goal is to develop a solution that provides a great deal for the future, so that building companies would be able to attract investments without searching for large sources of financing and so that they could manage without third-party audit services. In doing so, developers will be able to significantly save on budgetary funds and successfully apply equipment and work methods that meet ‘green standards’. Among these are: Active house, LEED, BREEAM and others. All this will be implemented without the need to expand the original budget.

Launch of the platform
Very soon, in mid-February, the official launch of the BitRent platform will take place. The BitRent team has spent an incredibly active year. We were engaged in the development of the platform, and spoke at the blockchain conferences and summits in New York, Dubai, Hong Kong and other blockchain capitals. Then we successfully conducted the Pre-sale and went to ICO, and the RNTB token is already participating in trading on crypto-exchanges.

We also want to emphasize that we would not have achieved all this without the support of the BitRent community.

Presentation in Dubai
Following the official launch of the platform, we have already planned the BitRent Blockchain Conference in March in order to present our platform to a small group of investors, as well as potential users of the BitRent community.

In addition, the first building object on the platform – Unity Towers – will also be presented. Unity Towers is a complex of three twin-skyscrapers that will function as multi-apartment buildings, a hotel, a modern business coworking center, an IT-hub, and adjoining infrastructure with a separate parking building for 450 cars.










The main advantages of the complex are the following:

  • resort location;
  • high rental demand;
  • developed infrastructure;
  • close distance to the sea, a park and entertainment;
  • consolidation with a shopping center.

Advantages for the investor:

  • profit up to 30% per annum;
  • investor-owner of real estate;
  • investments are protected against fluctuations of stock exchanges;
  • constant monitoring and construction guarantees;
  • simple investment.

In addition, two more construction projects will be located in Hungary and Romania. In total, during the period of March-April you will be able to take part in the acquisition of 3 projects on the BitRent platform.

Moreover, we’re happy to inform you that we have already signed contracts with strategic partners from countries in the Middle East, Europe and the USA.

This year promises to be an incredibly active one, and that is why we are offering you the opportunity to become a part of the BitRent community and subscribe to our updates. We want you to always be aware of all the events. To be informed is to be powerful!

Friends, you can also meet us face-to-face at the following conferences, where BitRent will speak as a key partner:
1. International Blockchain Summit in Dubai on March 4-5
2. Conference in Moscow on March 1
3. Blockchain Conference in London on March 10
4. Conference in Berlin on February 27-28