Around the World in £80: The best budget destinations to avoid breaking the bank

OCTOBER is proven to be one of the most popular times of the year for travel, and new research has revealed where to go to avoid breaking the bank this autumn.

A new study, conducted by discount voucher website MyVoucherCodes, looked into tourist activities across the most popular cities for Brits to see just how far you can get on a budget of £80.

Activities chosen included visits to cultural sites, tasting local delicacies and of course, having a cheap pint.

When comparing like for like, Budapest is home to the cheapest pint of beer, with the average costing only £1.46, meaning £80 could buy you 54 pints – although we wouldn’t recommend it!

Meanwhile, Reykjavik is the priciest place for a pint with the average costing £6.11, allowing only 13 pints for the same budget. This is closely followed by Paris where you can buy 14 pints of the cold stuff.

The study found Moscow to be the most expensive city for travel, with a daily transport pass costing a whopping £16.91, 23% of the total budget. However, a similar pass in Buenos Aires costs a minimal £1.08, so you can travel around the city to your heart’s content.

The European city of Budapest comes out on top for overall affordability, with tourists being able to visit 13 different attractions for just under £80. In contrast, Tokyo, Cape Town and Reykjavik offered the least activities with seven a piece.

Once you have flights and accommodation booked, there’s not much difference between European cities.

The historical city of Rome is the most cost-friendly city for anyone wanting to enjoy national natural landmarks, with a visit to The Colosseum, The Pantheon and The Vatican coming in at a combined cost of only £24.97.

Similarly, in Paris, entry to the Eiffel Tower is £15.16, while a trip to one of the most famous museums in the world, The Louvre, will only set you back £13.37.

Berlin ranks first for museums with many offering free admission, a visit to The Reichstag Museum, the Berlin Wall Memorial and the Holocaust Museum costing nothing at all.

Cardiff beats both London and Edinburgh to be crowned the most cost-friendly UK city analysed. A tour of Cardiff Castle costs £15.75, considerably cheaper than the Edinburgh Castle Tour (£17) and the Tower of London, £21.50.

Visitors to the Welsh capital can also enjoy nine other activities for the budget, including the Cardiff Bay Speedboat Experience and hop on the sightseeing bus tour.

Looking further afield, New York, one of the most popular destinations for Brits, comes in as a costlier option. Viewing the world-famous skyline from Empire State Building is a hefty £25.79, one of the most expensive attractions within the study, while a trip to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island costs £19.41.

Despite the high cost of tourist attractions, New York offers great value for local cuisines – a large slice of Artichoke’s signature pizza is £3.79.