Ross King spends a day at the polo with royalty

Ross and wife Brianna, left, with Dempsey and Makepeace stars Glynis Barber and Michael Brandon, at Watership Down

I thought spending a day at the Polo was something a Volkswagen mechanic did, but it turns out to be a bit more fancy than expected.

Before I left the UK last week I got a chance to see royalty in action at the Xerjoff Royal Charity Polo Cup. Don’t ask me how to pronounce that first word either.

Prince Harry’s Polo team was facing up to the team led by an old pal of mine, Henry Porter.

It all took place at Watership Down (no sign of old Bright Eyes), the most magnificent estate of Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber. I used to have an estate in the country myself…it was a Volvo Estate that broke down just outside Ayr.

I know nothing about polo. They didn’t even have any of their mints at the event – perhaps a one-fingered pickpocket nicked them?

People kept going on about chukkas, but I thought I’d dress a bit smarter and wear brogues.

It was just great to catch up with people, do a bit of horse-watching and bump into old pals.

Actor Jeremy Irons and Steph and Dom Parker from Gogglebox shared my table and made me laugh. It was brilliant to catch up with Everybody Loves Raymond star Patricia Heaton and her husband David.

We’re normally seen together sweating on a footie pitch – David and I, not Patty!

Also there was the wonderful Anita Dobson and her hubby Brian May. I had no idea that Anita’s long and illustrious career started off in Glasgow at the world-famous Citizen’s Theatre.

She told me many stories from her days in the Dear Green Place but unless you send loads of cash I can’t tell them to you!

The highlight for me wasn’t saying hi to Prince Harry.

It was at long last meeting the stars from one of my favourite 80s TV shows, Dempsey and Makepeace.

The beautiful Glynis Barber and handsome hubby Michael Brandon haven’t changed at all. They really were such lovely people and didn’t disappoint one wee bit.

Walking along the Kings Road I bumped into another old pal, Graeme Clark from Wet Wet Wet. He was looking so fit and it’s all down to tennis!

I actually was the first person to ever play their demo tape on the radio.

Graeme’s got some hot news on The Wets and I’ll share it with you over the coming weeks!