Scone Spy: Spilling the beans about Dunkeld cafe

Spill The Beans Scone Spy in Dunkeld

REGULAR readers will know that I love a wee jaunt around Dunkeld and its little cousin nestling next to it, Birnam.

I always find it such a relaxing area. Dunkeld has nice wee shops and delis and a lovely walk along the banks of the River Tay.

If I’m stressed by the crazy world of scones, that’s where I head.

I find a couple of hours there, just milling about and spoiling myself, is always just what the doctor ordered.

So here I am today, and it’s as lovely as ever. I decide to take a wee wander up towards the cathedral.

Of course, you won’t be surprised to hear I’m tempted by a wee stop off.

Spill The Beans is a tiny place, on the road down to Dunkeld Cathedral.

It’s empty when I go in. This doesn’t bode well.

But I guess customers are like buses – either that or people are just following my lead – because before long, three other tables are filled.

It’s a cute wee place. The first section is taken up with a lovely display of cakes and, importantly, scones.

Then you head through to a room at the back where you can get down to the serious business of eating.

It’s a simple room with a big blackboard on the wall detailing the specials and plenty of pictures to pass the time looking at.

I decide to order stovies. I’ve never tried molten lava, but when they arrive I’m sure they are hotter!

Thing is, they’re delicious. It’s like a form of torture, I just can’t wait until they cool down.

I follow with a glorious dod of a scone. It’s chunky, a wee bit misshapen – but tasty.

I keep myself entertained by eavesdropping on a few conversations at other tables.

They like a heated debate in here.

One couple is arguing about different types of coffee and which is best.

Maybe I’m easily pleased, but I’ve always found a spoonful of Nescafe in some boiling water does the trick.

Another group is discussing the growth in popularity of gluten-free diets.

“In the 1970s you had to get a prescription for gluten-free bread,” rants one man. “Now everyone is saying they’re gluten intolerant. And this is what they’re missing out on!”

He eats a big chunk of bread as if to prove his point.

Then another customer comes in and orders a cake. And some hot water.

When her order arrives, she proceeds to take a teabag from her bag and dunk it in the mug.

I understand economising. But if you’re going to treat yourself to a visit to a cafe, isn’t this a bit of a cheek?

I want to ask the arguing tables what they think. But I’m too busy ordering a huge meringue to take away.

Spill The Beans is a lovely wee place. I don’t manage to make it to the cathedral, but I leave Dunkeld with a spring in my step.